Courtly Love – A Poem for Valentine’s Day


Courtly Love

A vision of beauty, so full of grace,

By her presence alone I forget my woes

And I gaze upon that faery face,

Soft as dew upon a rose

My heart is pounding within my breast

Lo! What is this wonder I behold?

By a gentle touch she can tame the beast

And turn lowly squire to warrior bold.

What is this ache that tears me apart?

Bitter sweet within its grasp

Wouldst she look my way?

I ponder her beauty, her softness, her love

And know that I must stay

A thousand tortured deaths I die

And yet my love will have its fill

The sweetness of that kiss, I dream

The touch of lips ere never will.

She is mine to gaze upon with joy

But ne’er mine to hold

A turn of her head, a gentle nod, a smile?

‘Tis at me? I stand alone, oh, praise the Lord!

What is this searing pain, this passion that crushes my being?

My soul rises blissfully to the Heavens above

Such sweet fulfilment and longing combined

Ah! ‘Tis naught and all but Courtly Love.

By Catherine T Wilson



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